A new initiative sees the Music Development Foundation and Maroo partnering to offer African music artists professional support for their careers and free .africa domains and website hosting, has been announced.

New initiative aims to help African music artists

The Music Development Foundation (MDF), an organization that aims to empower, educate, and enable sustainability within the music industry across Africa, has announced its first effort to help African music artists claim their digital identities. In partnership with DotAfrica and Maroo, Africa’s music artists are invited to register, for free, to the MDF and as part of their registration, they will receive a FREE .africa domain and a website hosted for FREE with Maroo.

The Music Development Foundation sets to educate, empower, inform artists and participants in the music business to enable sustainability

Over and above this first offer, the MDF aims to be an open source information hub and resource for Africa’s music artists and professionals.

“The prototypical nature of music is ad-hoc. The unrestrained expression is hot-wired into its DNA. We all know the classic descriptors of an artist; free, obsessed, inspired, an outlier, unhinged, irresponsible. This ad libitum way of being has left creatives incredibly vulnerable because for them to thrive they must exist with an incredibly rigid formalized business structure. Music is a business. Very big business and all business is governed by the process. Processes that point to maximum profitability, minimum losses, and sustainability. Even the most carefree musician adheres to some creative process. However, musicians, whether aspiring or established, have largely been in the dark regarding the business of their music,” said Boitumelo “Stogie T” Molekane, Acting Chairperson of the Music Development Foundation.

Boitumelo Molekane

Molekane is a Tanzanian-born South African rapper with more than 20 years experience spread through international tours, global releases and prestigious awards. The well-traveled rapper has long stood out from his peers with incisive lyricism and an exciting brand of musical peculiarity typified by his work with decade long collaborators, Tumi and the Volume. He relaunched himself as Stogie T in 2016 and continues to be one of the brightest stars from the South African hip hop scene.

As the acting Chairperson and founding member of the Music Development Foundation, Molekane hopes to lend his extensive experience to would be participants in the music business but most of all to nurture and protect future talents.

“This lack of know-how manifests itself in artist vulnerability, at its least it makes them unable to manage their expectations and at its worse, they are completely taken advantage of. The Music Development Foundation sets to address this problem. To educate, empower, inform artists and participants in the music business to enable sustainability,” said Molekane.

Improving profesionalism

The four main areas that the MDF will look at are:

  • To promote professionalism and growth of professional musicians in the music industry.
  • Assist participants in the music industry to acquire transferable skills which will enable them to occupy the various levels of the value chain in the music industry.
  • Educate participants in the music industry to be able to identify and understand, at least on a fundamental level, the most critical business and financial aspects of the music industry.
  • Provide support for young active participants in the music industry and ensure participation in all levels of the music value chain by youth participants for equal distribution of the music industry income revenue streams.

Providing artists with their own .africa domain and website is one of the first steps in helping them in their professional journey and claiming their digital identities.

“Today, Africa’s music artists are one of the most followed people on social media and music streaming platforms yet they have no platforms of their own to showcase their craft as they wish. It is great that music artists in Africa have digital presence on many digital platforms where people converge, but it is also a missed opportunity that they mostly do not have their own domains and websites where, beyond showcasing their work, they can tell their story as they see fit and explore other opportunities,” said Tefo Mohapi, Founder and CEO at iAfrikan Digital, the company behind the Maroo platform.

Interested music professionals in Africa can register at https://mdf.africa

About the Music Development Foundation

The Music Development Foundation aims to empower, educate and enable

sustainability within the music industry. To this end, we have identified that “formalization” of the music industry is an economic imperative. We have also identified the need to empower participants within the music industry by assisting them to acquire transferable skills.

About Maroo

Created by iAfrikan Digital, Maroo aims to help music artists and professionals across Africa to own their digital identity by starting with having their own .africa website, for FREE.