Proudly Afrikan

Afrikan Solutions for Afrikan Problems

Founded in 2015, from the beginning, we've believed that the solution to Afrika's problems must include Afrikans, whether it is telling our own stories using iAfrikan, looking at ways to reduce and curb xenophobia in South Africa with Xenowatch, or looking at ways to help Afrika's music artists through Maroo. At our core we are a technology company that builds digital platforms for Afrikan audiences, for our clients or for ourselves.

Our Design Values


We design with the user's needs and emotions in mind. We believe in user-centered design.


Afrika is a diverse continent, we do our best to ensure our digital platforms are accessible to as many people as possible.


Privacy and information security are important to us. We ensure that users of our platforms are fully aware what they are signing up for.

Executive Team

Tefo Mohapi
Founder & CEO
Ndzalo Mpangana
Director - Operations